How to Maximize Your Digital Campaign with Promotional Products

22 Jun 2020

In today’s crowded digital world, simply relying on content and influencers for promotion is no longer enough to guarantee more sales.

To make a stronger impression on an audience, creative marketers should consider merging their digital campaigns with a type of traditional marketing strategy, which is none other than using promotional products.

While digital ads may be more targeted and measurable, there is something irreplaceable about conventional marketing—like handing out promotional products—that still makes it applicable and relevant in the digital era. Promotional products are tangible things that bring a real-life physical experience for the consumers out of the virtual world. This can make prospective customers feel more connected to a brand that gives promotional items than to others that don’t.

If you wish to maximize the impact of your digital campaign, try to engage with your tech-savvy audience through promotional products. Here are some of our tips for you:


1. Utilize Links / Digital Address

One of the benefits of using custom promotional products is that you can imprint any image or text onto the product as requested. If you print a link address with a CTA (call-to-action) on the product, this may lead consumers to visit the link to access your website or social media page. It’s a great way for your target audience to have access to your content.

Why spend extra money to produce business cards when you can simply get your logo and digital address—such as your website URL—imprinted on the product’s surface or packaging? There is also a bigger chance that your customers keep and use a promotional product than they’d do a business card.


2. Brand Collaboration

The next effective way of connecting traditional marketing to the digital space is through online collaborations of your business with another brand to come up with exclusive promotional merchandise. For instance, if you’re a clothing store that’s celebrating an upcoming anniversary, you can collaborate with a famous digital artist to create a limited-edition T-shirt printed with special artwork for sale.


3. Use Modern Gadgets

Besides common promotional items, like mugs or tote bags, step up your marketing game with modern gadgets or devices that stand a higher chance to attract digitally-savvy consumers. Here we have various hi-tech gadgets and accessories that you can choose from.


4. Social Media Interaction

Last but not least, if you have a certain number of followers on your company’s social media, you can ask them to provide you with feedback for improvement and offer them free merchandise in return (giveaways). This can help to build engagement and get important information about how your customers think about your business.

Digital disruption may have changed the way of marketing for businesses, but it’s not the only choice we have. Instead, if you can mix traditional and digital marketing together, you can reach a wider audience and have more ways to experiment with your creativity. High tech still needs high touch. Contact us for promotional products to integrate into your digital campaign and let our team help you, best of success!